CraftyNana 2009

The term textiles refers to any item produced from a raw material ranging from

thread, yarn, fabric, or any combination thereof.  Most people think of textiles as

being fabric woven from cotton or spun fur of an animal; sheep, alpaca, musk ox.  The

range of items is inhibited only by one's imagination, and knowledge of

procedure for construction the items.


These are several of the new table runners for Fall 2017.  Each runner is double sided with fall themed fabric.  They are not heat resistant.  Please hand wash, line dry, and press with a warm iron.  Metallic fabrics will require a press cloth be used between the iron and the metallic fabric.
Pictured are more of the new table runners for Fall 2017.  As in the description above, they are not heat resistant.  Hand wash, line dry, and press with a warm iron.  Metallic fabrics will require the use of a pressing cloth.
Another popular holiday to add colorful table dressing is Christmas.  The reversible runners allow for everyday use and also for those special times when you want something glittery.
Holidays afford us the opportunity to dress up our homes to celebrate.  These table runners represent Patriotic holidays and the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving.  The theme of the table runners changes throughout the year.
Dish wash cloths are a handy, colorful kitchen accent item.  Some will coordinate with the table runners, while others are seasonally appropriate.
 Holidays provide us with fun and memories. Part of the fun is dressing for the events surrounding the holiday's festivities and traditions. The fall gives us the opportunity to begin using the oranges, greens, gold, and reds of the season. This vest incorporates the colors and symbols of the Halloween season with the pumpkins, scarecrow and colorful leaves. This vest is hand made, lined and pre-shrunk. It will fit any size up to and including extra-large. Teachers love to show up in colorful clothing to their students' delight.



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