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A little about me -

I chose the name Crafty Nana because my hobbies were taking over my basement and I was a new grandmother.  In 2009 I began concentrating on making items out of gourds.  There was a gourd fest at a church near my house and I stopped in to investigate what this was all about, and got hooked on what can be done with gourds.  I joined the PA Gourd Society and the rest is history.  

Through the PaGS I have learned many techniques.  I have concentrated on making birdhouses to combine my interest in birding and making the gourd crafts.  Usually, my birdhouses are utilitarian, but sometimes I get inspired to make something more creative like a goose, duck, or swan.    Current cartoon or movie characters might pop up in gourd form to amuse the young or young at heart.  Sports teams have crept into the repertoire and have been popular in the fall shows when the baseball and football seasons overlap.

Birds need to fed, so feeders have been added to the mix.  Feeders are larger and are predominately a solid dark color.  Dark feeders will absorb heat and provide a dry place for birds to swoop in and grab a seed or, as some have done, camp out for a while.  Yes, squirrels like them too, but usually only eat the seed, not the gourd.

Smaller gourds can be used to make small animals, bowls, decorative items and even jewelry.  Holidays provide the back drop for gourds to become penguins, Santas, snow people, Easter bunnies, and farm animals.

When not in the workshop working on gourds, I might be in the sewing room making table runners, hot mitts, place mats or holiday decorations.  Free time in from of the TV or when traveling one might find me crocheting dish wash cloths or winter hats.  Crafting gives me the freedom to explore whatever new or old ideas come to mind.



Please come in and look around. 

Unique gifts of Gourd birdhouses, feeders, decorative items, Wine Bottle Hummingbird feeders, textile goods and other surprising items await your visit.


Crafty Nana's shop can be contacted by email at 


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