CraftyNana 2009

 Birds feed from different types of feeding locations.  The typical back yard feeder will appeal to a large variety of our North Eastern birds that live in or visit our backyards. 

Many birds are "ground feeders" in that they will help the squirrels clean up the ground under the feeders.  Some birds like the wide openness of a tray feeder.  These feeders allow the birds to keep an eye out for predators while they eat. 

And then we have our Hummingbirds who lap up nectar from flowers or special feeders we fill with homemade nectar.  Some of these feeders have perches and some do not.  Don't be surprised if you see an Oriole perched and sipping Hummingbird nectar!

These are Hummingbird feeders

The feeders are made from wine bottles in colors including green, brown, clear, and blue.

All feeders come with instructions on how to cook your own nectar for the hummers, and also include the feeder port. 

Wine bottle Hummingbird feeders are  priced in the $8 - $10 range.

 Gourds make perfect feeders.  Part of the sides can be removed to allow the birds to watch for predators while eating.  A hand full of Black oil Sunflower seeds will bring in the Cardinals and Chickadees quickly.  You might want to hang this feeder where squirrels can't get to it if your purpose is to feed the birds.  Mr. Squirrel will get his share of seeds from those that the birds drop.

These feeders are bright ornaments in your winter garden. Depending on size they range from $10 - $15.
These feeders are designed with two large openings opposite each other.  Birds watch for predators and need to see through the feeder to guard against being attacked.  All feeders are easy to load feed in to attract birds to your yard.  Some feeders also have designs cut into the sides adding eye-catching detail as well as a way to increase air flow to keep seed dry.
Another style feeder is an open tray feeder.  This feeder allows you to provide special feed for those brightly colored birds you want to attract to your garden or yard.  The cup will hold meal worms so they won't crawl out and the plate will allow you to put out sunflower kernels at the same time.  Wrens, Chickadees Gold Finches, and other finches enjoy open feeding so they can watch for predators.  Larger birds have difficulty perching on this feeder making it a good choice for those specialized feeding choices.

These garden feeders are priced at $10. 


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